Provisional program (hopefully eliminating Covid rules)

  • 9 October: There will be the possibility to collect the bibs on Saturday afternoon at the Auditorium Santa Chiara (Bobbio) from 17.00 to 19.00 (mandatory for 54km competitors)

  • 10 October: Bib distribution at Auditorium Santa Chiara (Bobbio) from 7.30 to 8.30 (17km and 36km) It is advisable to park in Via Poggio S. Desiderio (Bobbio) and follow the signs: REGISTRATION

  • Obligatory mask for secretarial entrance.

  • New registrations will NOT be possible on site.

  • After collecting the bib, go to the temperature measurement to receive the bracelet for entry to the starting grid.

  • It is advisable to have the bib as soon as possible and in any case before warming up.

  • Bag storage for Scarpa Short on the minibus in Piazza Duomo until 8.40 It will be possible for the competitors of the 36 to deliver the sticks on the minibus which they will be responsible for numbering with their bib, to find them in Marsaglia before the vertical and take them to the finish.

  • Bag storage for shoes 36km at the secretariat

  • A numbered bag will be supplied and it will be possible to deliver only what will be inside

  • At 7.00 am departure 54km in Piazza Duomo

  • At 8.50 am departure 17km in Piazza Duomo

  • At 9.00 departure 36km in Piazza Duomo

  • Arrival of the first Scarpa Short competitors at 10.10 am in Marsaglia

  • Start of shuttle transport from Marsaglia to Bobbio at 11.00 and in any case when the minibus is filled.

  • Expected arrival of the first La Scarpa competitor at 12.10 in Piazza Duomo

  • Expected arrival of the first La Scarpa Long competitor at 13.30 in Piazza Duomo

  • Absolute awards ceremony at Auditorium Santa Chiara at 13.00 Short at 15.00 Scarpa and Scarpa Long

  • Maximum time for arrival of the last competitors at 17.30

  • End of the event at 5.00 pm

  • The program may be subject to variations depending on the Covid emergency

Covid protocol

In compliance with Covid provisions for Aics Trail races, the following changes have been made to the program:

  • On-site registration prohibited

  • Obligatory mask when collecting the bib.

  • You will have to download the Covid self-certification form in the download section of the registration site to be delivered to the secretariat filled in original

  • Prohibited showers and changing rooms

  • Refreshments with only packaged consumer goods, it is advisable to leave with a greater supply of bars than usual

  • At the refreshment points there will be a thermos of hot tea, the water to fill the bottles will be at the numerous fountains on the route. From Marsaglia single doses of coca cola will be available to be consumed on the spot.

  • At the bag deposit it will be possible to leave only what can be contained in the bag supplied in the race pack

  • For all competitors it is mandatory to wear a mask from the start for the first 500m to the end of the Bargo staircase and to have it in the backpack during the race to be able to put it on in case of gathering and on arrival.

  • The protocol will be updated near the date of the tender


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