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  • Piazza Marsaglia: 12.30 Scarpa; 1.30 pm Scarpa Long

  • Torre Metteglia: 2.30 pm Scarpa; 3.30 pm Scarpa Long

  • Coli: 16.00 Scarpa; 16.30 Scarpa Long

  • Time limit: 7 hours 30 minutes for Scarpa and 10 hours 30 minutes for Scarpa Long

In Piazza in Marsaglia, a means will be available to bring the athletes out of time or retired in Bobbio. The same service will be carried out in Torre Metteglia and Coli. Anyone wishing to continue on the route out of the race will have to deliver the bib and the chip to the transport manager. From the moment of collection of the bib the athlete is out of the race and considered as a free hiker to whom the organization no longer has any responsibility. Transportation for retirees, unless it is an accident that requires medical attention, will only be carried out after the gate time.

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